Investing in the real estate market is something everybody should consider doing. Why? Well, it is safer than the stocks. Anybody can become a real estate investor and can actually be successful in the business for as long as you get to do it the right way. Keep on reading below to find out the reasons why real estate is a good investment choice.

Scott Yancey’s real estate events

Scott Yancey with wife amie

Scott Yancey and Amie Yancey

Should you wish to learn more on how to make money in the real estate business, then get in touch with Scott Yancey. He holds a real estate event, which is beneficial not only to newbies but as well to investors who have been in the business for quite a while now but are looking for ways to further improve their income.

Learn more about Scott Yancey here  His expertise and experience will get you going in the right direction.

Flipping Houses generates cash flow

Other investment platforms can help you generate cash flow but the thing is it is not as big as the real estate. You will not make much money if you rely on stocks alone. The same thing goes for banks. Hey only give you a return of 1% or even less. With real estate, you will be able to generate an excellent cash flow, especially if you have a rental property.

Real Estate Investments are easy to value

Real estate properties are easy to value. If in case you are not so sure with the value of the property, you can always hire a trusted real estate agent to determine the value for you. Use a house flipping spreadsheet to analyze your real estate deals before you invest.  In other words, you will know exactly where your money is going and whether or not the property is worth the investment. If you are going to compare real estate to that of the stocks, you will notice that the value of stocks is difficult to determine as it changes every now and then.

Real estate is a tangible asset

Another great thing about real estate is you get to see and inspect your investment closely. It is a tangible asset, something that you can see and touch. You don’t get to have these perks if you invest your money in stocks.

You can always negotiate

Investing in the real estate property allows you to negotiate with other investors. If you are a house flipper, your goal is to find a property that is sold below its market value. The asking price of the property is not always the final price. You can always use your negotiating skills to significantly lower the price. This technique applies not only to house flippers but for first time home buyers too.